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Vienna introduces more 'encounter zones' to improve public space

Lun, 19/08/2019 - 10:19
Language English

Vienna is seeing the introduction of more encounter zones – ‘Begegnungszonen' in German – in order to improve the quality of public space in the city. 

Cycling in Leuven increases by 32% following its ban on through traffic

Lun, 19/08/2019 - 10:03
Language English

A traffic circulation plan introduced in the Belgian city of Leuven in 2016 has led to an increase in cycling of 32% in just one year, partly thanks to a ban on through car traffic.

With its 100,000 inhabitants, Leuven is home to one of the region’s oldest and largest universities, counting more than 50,000 students. In 2016, the city introduced a new circulation plan, which prevented car traffic from driving through the city within its ring road.

Riding in the right direction: a Turkish city goes back to cycling

Mar, 13/08/2019 - 10:00
Language English Tepebaşı is a town of Eskişehir in western Turkey embracing a return to urban cycling albeit with a novelty – the bikes are electric

Berlin makes public transport free for all school students

Lun, 12/08/2019 - 11:01
Language English

Berlin has announced that all school students will be able to use public transport for free.

Turin is to trial self-drive buses and drone taxis

Lun, 12/08/2019 - 10:51
Language English

From the autumn of 2019, trials with self-guided buses will start in the Italian city of Turin, while another project in the city aims to pave the way for urban air mobility trials.

The Netherlands prohibits the use of mobile phones on bicycles

Lun, 12/08/2019 - 10:32
Language English

In the Netherlands, since 1 July 2019 it is has not been permitted to cycle while holding a mobile phone. 

This is in recognition of the fact that cyclists using their phones are cognitively and visually distracted. Before the ban, 49% of Dutch people used their mobile phone while cycling, while amongst young people (aged between 18 and 24 years old) the proportion was higher at 75%.

The fine for anyone caught holding a mobile phone while cycling is €95. Cyclists must keep their phone in a pocket, jacket or bag.

Electric Car Sharing Service launched in Romania

Mer, 07/08/2019 - 16:42
Language English

An electric car-sharing service with a presence in Lithuania and Bulgaria has recently launched recently in Bucharest, Romania.

Facilitating mobility for elderly people is the aim of a new project

Mer, 07/08/2019 - 09:44
Language English

The Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco (Portugal) and the University of Navarra (Spain), in collaboration with the San Juan de Dios hospital in Pamplona (Spain), the Università degli Studi di Palermo (Italy) and the Polytechnic Institute of Guarda (Portugal), have launched a research project on the mobility and accessibility of elderly people in cities.

European Commission sets out next steps to improve road safety

Mer, 07/08/2019 - 09:30
Language English

On 19 June, the European Commission published details as to how it intends to put its Strategic Action Plan on Road Safety into practice. The published 'Framework' sets out how the Commission intends to reach the target of a 50% reduction in fatalities and serious injuries by 2030. 

Rome's metro passengers can now trade plastic bottles for metro tickets

Lun, 05/08/2019 - 11:34
Language English

Rome has started trialling machines that allow passengers to earn public transport tickets by recycling plastic bottles.

The machines have been placed in one station on each of Rome's three metro lines: in the Cipro metro station on Line A, Piramide on Line B and San Giovanni on Line C. They will be in place for a 12-month “test phase”, after which authorities will decide whether to expand or suspend the scheme. This initiative makes the Italian capital the “first large European capital” to test such a scheme, according to city mayor Virginia Raggi.

Coventry pilots closure of school roads to improve child safety

Lun, 05/08/2019 - 11:17
Language English

The schools in the UK city of Coventry have a problem in common with many other schools Europe-wide: unsafe roads around schools resulting from high levels of traffic, the largest part of which caused by parents dropping off their children directly at the school gate right before classes start.

The five As for digital transport inclusivity

Gio, 01/08/2019 - 17:58
Language English

There are 5 main inclusivity requirements to be fulfilled by transport systems and Bax & Company have created a matrix summarising, for each requirement, how introducing digital technologies to the transport sector can provide more inclusive services for vulnerable users.

SSPCR 2019 Special sessions

Mer, 31/07/2019 - 18:09
Language English SSPCR Conference 2019 announces its special sessions

Autonomous driving: Toyota inaugurates experimentation in Europe on urban roads

Mer, 31/07/2019 - 14:28
Language English

Toyota received the green light in Belgium to carry out tests on public roads to study the interaction between self-driving cars and people in daily conditions. The tests that will take place on the streets of Brussels aim to assess the functioning of advanced driving systems in urban contexts. 

Call open to host CIVITAS peer-exchange activities in 2020

Mer, 31/07/2019 - 11:33
Language English

Towns and cities have been invited to apply to host CIVITAS peer-exchange activities in 2020.

Participate in 2019's EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK - Walk with us!

Lun, 29/07/2019 - 10:01
Language English

EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK is being held from 16 to 22 September 2019 with the main theme of "Safe Walking and Cycling". Any town or city, from either Europe or further beyond, is invited to participate.

The EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK campaign has been in action since 2002 and over the years has given people from all over Europe – and the rest of the world – the opportunity to take part in a wide campaign to promote and trial clean mobility and sustainable urban transport.

Renfe accelerates its digital revolution and enters the MaaS market

Mer, 24/07/2019 - 13:59
Language English

Since high-speed rail arrived in Spain in 1992 with the Madrid-Seville line, the Spanish state railway operator, Renfe has been gaining traction to become one of the most technologically advanced railway operators in the world.

Now Renfe wants to sprint from being a rail operator to an integral mobility operator, reorienting its future business model and paying particular attention to digital transformation.

Key publications for practitioners working on SUMPs available in new languages

Mer, 24/07/2019 - 10:58
Language English

Four publications from CIVITAS SUMPs-Up are now available in French, Hungarian and Spanish. Three manuals on SUMP measure selection and a report giving guidance on developing a SUMP action plan are those that have been translated.

Action Plan for Sustainable Mobility in Madeira approved

Mar, 23/07/2019 - 17:48
Language English

An Action Plan for Sustainable Mobility in the Autonomous Region of Madeira (PAMUS RAM) was approved at the end of June.

The plan is vital to efforts to transition towards clean, inclusive and safe transport in the Portuguese region.

It provides the Regional Government with an instrument that links the short-, medium- and long-term action strategy for the development of infrastructure and transport of the RAM, improving accessibility throughout its territory and providing more sustainable mobility and transport to residents and visitors.


Mar, 23/07/2019 - 13:51
Language English Turning visionary approaches into planning policies and tools. 9-13 December 2019, Bolzano/Bozen (Italy)